Soothing Aromatherapy Pillows

We lead such busy lives so taking care of yourself should be #1 on your priority list. Take time out from your day to give yourself some calming relaxation with these pillows.

Handmade with cotton, organic flaxseed, lavender buds, essential oils

Sachet/pocket size (4" x 3") $4.95
Eye pillow (9" x 4") $13.95
Large pillow (11" x 6") $17.95
Neck wrap (20" x 5") $22.95

Purchase a set of three
ne sachet, one eye pillow, and one large pillow for $30.95

One sachet, one eye pillow, and one neck wrap for $35.95

All sizes are approximate as they are handmade

Options for pillow filling:

Lavender (calming)

⬥ Eucalyptus lavender blend (clarifying)

⬥ Peppermint, clove, lavender blend (revitalizing)

⬥ Unscented

To use as a heat pack, place in the microwave for 15-60 seconds (depending on the pillow size and individual microwave).
It is best to heat for a shorter time and add to it if needed. Shake contents before use and test the heat before using. (Hint: Placing a cup of water in the microwave next to the pillow will help prevent overheating.)

To use as a cold pack, place in a zip-lock bag and freeze for an hour or more before use.


Small pillow ~
⬥ Sachet
⬥ Hand warmer
⬥ As part of a set of pillows for a gift

Eye pillow ~
⬥ Yoga relaxation (savasana)
⬥ Headache relief (forehead or back of neck)
⬥ While dozing off to sleep

Large pillow ~
⬥ Sore neck and back
⬥ Pulled muscle
⬥ Tummy ache
⬥ General relaxation
⬥ Placed at the foot of your bed to warm your feet

Neck wrap ~

Note: Prior to use, please consult your doctor if you are under medical care, especially if you are diabetic or have nerve damage

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Once the order is received an invoice will be sent.

Thank you!